The Rolling Blackout is a news outlet, a creative outlet, a place for research musings, think-pieces and opinions, a book and literature review bank, a database, and a place to get all the information you want on cities, energy and the environment.

This site is first and foremost about cities, thought of as socio-technical systems of flows embedded in nature, a part of nature, with humans at the center. This blog serves as a space for discussions about power, knowledge, democracy, technology, social theory, planning theory, and sustainability. The primary influences range from Nietzsche to Foucault to Thomas Hughes to Bruno Latour to Jacques Ranciere, amongst numerous others. Cities are not just the sites of society, they are artifacts and objects of our continual excavation and dialectical relation with our environment.

This site grew out of an obsession with the ideals of democracy, environmental sustainability, and justice, the enumerous writings on cities and planning, and role of critical social theory in understanding existing urbanisms and advocating alternatives. It also is an appendage of a career in engineering disciplines, focused on understanding the underpinnings of our vast urban systems, energy, water, transport, etc.

In these pages and posts you will find short opinion pieces, links to other websites and guest posts, synopses and annotations of important readings, thought pieces on research, and a multitude of ruminations and musings. I invite discussion and comments.



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