A Critique of Economic Thinking

“Economy is constituted and develops through the annihilation of every non-economic form of life, since for its regular operation economy needs a reduced, well-formed type of human, self-seeking and thus predictable individuals who can be counted on and are accountable for their actions. Reliability and accountability are the twin necessities for functional economy” (Jacques Fradin, Economy, Ecumenes, Communism)

Recently, I read through a blog post over at Anarchist Without Content on the work from which this epitaph originates, Jacques Fradin’s Economy, Ecumenes, Communism. It’s a short work, filled with a critique of economic thinking and rationality.

The premise is interesting: economy = capitalism.

There is no non-capitalist economy. Therefore, non-economy = non-capitalism.

The destructive character of capitalism is the destructive character of economy.

“[T]he economy is a wrecking machine”and this destruction can only be avoided by                exiting the economy, exiting capitalism.

This is sure to garner much dissent because there are numerous forms of non-capitalist “economies.” But there is something to the idea of a distinct form of economic thinking, and economization, that seems like a spot-on critique.

Just sign-posting this for now. Will return later.


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