CFP: Alternative experiments–spaces of learning and innovation at the grassroots

Path to the Possible

Call for paper, RGS Annual Conference, Exeter, UK (2 – 4 September, 2015).

Alternative experiments: spaces of learning and innovation at the grassroots (sponsored by PERG).

Experiments attract a lot of current interest as tools for change, especially in the broader context of sustainability transitions, climate change responses and urban development. There has been significant work on different experimental efforts, from model projects to living labs, and their role as examples for infrastructural co-creation or as local governance tools (Bulkeley & Castán Broto 2013; Dorstewitz 2014; Evans 2011). This highlights their practical contributions to local problem solving and posits experiments as sites for social learning as well as seedbeds for innovation. The emphasis of these discussions lies on experimental efforts as deliberately designed and strategic interventions, many of which are technology-centred and motivated by dominant or mainstream narratives of development or societal change.

Yet as experiments have come to be…

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