Industry hides animal cruelty instead of ending it

Species and Class


By Erik Nicholson and Paul Shapiro
Via: The Spokesman-Review

Earlier this year at a factory farm that is a member of the Darigold Cooperative in Washington, workers were informed of a new employment policy: If any worker is caught taking photos or video footage at the facility, he or she will be “subject to immediate dismissal.”

We have been hearing from many Darigold farmworkers about poor treatment of both cows and workers. Too often, workers are forced to milk sick and injured cows instead of helping the cows get treated. Too often, workers bring their own drinking water to work because of filthy conditions at the dairy.

The animal agriculture industry’s desire to prohibit documentation of abusive conditions isn’t new, unfortunately. Numerous whistleblowing exposés inside our nation’s factory farms and slaughter plants in recent years have shown terrible conditions for animals and workers alike, leading to meat recalls, plant shutdowns…

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