Andrew McGettigan: Student Protests and the Privatisation of Universities.

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As another wave of student protests spread across the country, and universities together with police clamp down on student movements, Andrew McGettigan’s The Great University Gamble (Pluto, 2013) becomes an increasingly important tool for understanding exactly what is happening and what is being fought for on university campuses in the UK. In Brenna Bhandar’s LRB blog, ‘A Right to the University’ she calls attention to McGettigan’s book and his analysis of the commercial and market pressures that universities and colleges have exposed themselves to in recent years.

The idea that university managers can treat our campuses like the kinds of property normally protected by injunctions from trespass – landed estates, private houses, private corporations – is a symptom of the extent to which neoliberal ideology is now embedded in our universities, along with the political repression that inevitably accompanies privatisation.

You can read the full article on the LRB blog here

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