Neil Brenner video on Place, Capitalism and the Right to the City

Polarization, Precarity and Social Suffering, conditioned by broader structures of political economic inequality… Neil Brenner hammers home a quick and quite expansive theoretical construction of a critical urban theory that shows how the arts are “instrumentalized” as tools for reinforcing the Urban Revanchism of the late Neil Smith. Further, the political backdrop for this change is Austerity: punishing the poor for the mistakes of the rich, coupled with the idea that there is no alternative but to continue to cut back on social redistribution and welfare. As a way to fight back, Brenner offers democratization through the idea of Right to the City of Lefebvre, which has two parts, both access to what is already there, and for “producing place” which is a central component of our inherent creative production that is repressed by the restrictions and actual needs of capital.

Progressive Geographies

Impressive twenty minute presentation via @urbantheorylab

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