Virtual Issue – Ecologies In, Against and Beyond Capitalism

*** Bruce’s lecture can now be viewed online –***

We announced last week that Bruce Braun will be presenting the 2013 Antipode RGS-IBG Lecture on Wednesday 28th August between 16:50 and 18:30 in the Ondaatje Theatre. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception between 18:45-20:00 in the Map Room, and our colleagues at Wiley will be filming the lecture and will make it available as a part of our Lecture Series videos.

We can now announce that Bruce’s lecture is entitled Vital Materialism and Neoliberal Natures. Here’s what Bruce has to say about it:

This talk traces a relation between two distinct literatures that have largely ignored each other. First, a dynamic literature on ‘vital materialism’ that counts complex systems theory among its influences and proposes a non-dualistic and non-deterministic understanding of nature; and, second, a vast literature on ‘neoliberal natures’ that explores the commodification…

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